Hampton Quay is a strip of land on the edge of Littlehampton, between the A259 road and The River Arun, that for a large part has been disconnected from the rest of the town.   Plans are evolving to to create a landmark sustainable development, a leisure destination and a gateway into Littlehampton by river and road.



The new development provides an opportunity to enhance the existing landscape by dealing with on site contamination and adding new areas of planting and pathways. This will protect and improve habitats on site and create spaces for children to interact with nature. 




Historically, the site encompassed a salting along the west boundary and was used as an area to exchange goods from one vessel to another playing an important part in the local economy. Historic maps show the site labelled as Wick Quay in the 19th Century and later as a camp site in the mid 20th Century




This water side, multi-generational development will not only form a stunning gateway into the town but it will reinvigorate this area, it will set a benchmark for the regeneration of West Bank and it will hopefully provide an exemplar for other coastal redevelopment in Sussex and beyond.


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