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030-046-op2 3d waterfront colour.jpg

More images coming soon

Early concept sketch


The proposal is to create an exceptional riverside regeneration with the river at the heart.  The emerging masterplan will include new moorings, new homes, leisure and commercial space, new foot and cycle paths and a new riverfront café/restaurant. With play areas, park space and a contemplative bird hide, the plans propose a diverse mix of uses to create a sense of community at the site.

Modelling iterations

The new homes will be high-quality, sustainable and designed around concepts of multi-generational planning and co-housing.  Elements like shared courtyards and garden spaces will encourage greater social cohesion between residents and improve well-being.


Design iterations

New landscape features will help to enhance bio-diversity, provide new habitat for fauna, and protect existing salt-marsh.  Sustainable construction, renewable energy, electric vehicle spaces and abundant cycle spaces will help to mitigate climate change.  Sustainable drainage, new swales and new flood defences will provide protection and adaptation to the effects of climate change.

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